“Prayer for Our Nation in our Helplessness”

“Prayer for Our Nation in our Helplessness”

Oh God, our Heavenly Father, at this desperate hour in our country, we need You. We need Your strength, Your guidance, Your wisdom and Your healing.

There are problems far greater than any wisdom anyone of us can solve. What shall our leaders do in such an hour?

May Your wisdom and Your power come upon the President of these United States, the Senates, Congressmen, Governors and Mayors to whom have been entrusted leadership.

May the responsibility lie heavily on their hearts, until they are ready to acknowledge their helplessness and turn to You. Give to them the courage and the moral integrity to confess that they don’t know what to do. Only then can they lead us as a nation beyond human wisdom to You, who alone has the answer.

Lead us, O God and remind us that a “mighty fortress is our God” – not a hiding place where we can escape for an easy life, but rather an arsenal of courage and strength – the mightiest of all, who will march beside us into the battle for righteousness and world brotherhood and sisterhood.

O God, may we never recover from our feeling of helplessness and our need of You! In the strong name of Jesus, our Lord, we pray. Amen.


About cwysongblog

Chuck Wysong is Executive Director at Mission Springs Camps and Conferences. He has served as founding pastor at Life Community Church. He loves church planting and he has served as a youth pastor for 20 plus years in Youth for Christ, Young Life, local churches and Director of Youth Ministry for the Evangelical Covenant Church.
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